20 Years of Media One!

Posted by m1blogger on 9/15/2021 to Events

20 years ago, Media One started off as a small vendor selling inks and vehicle wrap vinyls. We were trying to take it one customer at a time, one day at a time, and grow in the process. As we started working in the industry, we realized what the industry lacked and what it was really looking for. So we directed our energies towards what seemed like a dream at that time - creating a "one stop destination for all your printing needs".

We started working with renowned brands in the industry like HP and 3M. Slowly but steadily, we expanded our footprint by bringing established global brands like dGen and a.Berger to the USA, building expertise, friendships and goodwill all along the way. Each customer we worked with became friends and friends became customers. All this, because our founder, Jason Bartusick, believed that good relations were more important than simply profits to build a lasting business.

Dynamic approach, hard earned expertise, global collaborations and dedicated employees made sure that each and every brick of Media One's walls were built with serious precision, good faith, immense hard work and great love. Today, Media One is a name to reckon with in the large format industry. Time flies when you are having a good time, and that is exactly what happened. This year, Media One completed 20 years in this industry and we have no idea where the time flew. We want to thank all our customers, partners, employees and each and every person associated with Media One who has made this journey a memorable one.

Finally, we would like to promise you one thing - just like the last 20 years, we are not going to sit back and relax. We will keep working harder and smarter to bring you the best products and innovations in the industry. Your business will always be able to rely on us to reach the next stage of growth.

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