PVC Keder
PVC Keder

PVC Keder

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PVC Keder is a PVC strip that is sewn directly to the edge of a graphic, and the strip is then inserted into a frame with a recessed groove.
It is available in the following sizes.

Part No.   Size
4545-0009-0001   9mmx3mm
4545-0012-0001-1.5   12mmx1.5mm
4545-0012x2-0001   12mmx2mm
4545-0012-2.6-0001   12mmx2.6mm
4545-0012x3.65-0001   12mmx3.65mm
4545-0014x2-0001   14mmx2mm
4545-0014x2.6-001   14mmx2.6mm
4545-0012-0001-Blue   12mmx3mm
4545-0014-0001-Blue   14mmx3mm
4545-0012-0001-Clear   12mmx3mm
4545-0014-0001-Clear   14mmx3mm
4545-0014-0001-SK   14mmx3mm Adhesive PVC

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