Caring For Your Dye Sublimated Fabric Graphics

Posted by m1blogger on 12/21/2018 to Printing Knowledge

Buying a dye sub fabric printer for your company is really a big decision. Finding a printer that is a correct fit for your company is truly crucial.
But after you get the printer and start printing on it, if you think your job is done, you are so wrong.
Just as printing graphics, handling and maintaining your graphics is very important too.
So, let’s examine how to handle, care and maintain your dye sublimated fabrics.

In order to avoid getting your graphics dirty during installation, make sure you use clean gloves.
If the fabric on which your graphic is printed gets creased/wrinkled, it can be pressed, use an iron on low heat or steamed out with a handheld fabric steamer.
Make sure you store the graphic in a zip lock plastic garment bag that is provided, after making sure that the graphic is dry. Store the graphic in a cool and dry place.

Dye sub fabric graphics are machine washable. If the fabric is too big for your washer, you can hand wash it in a big tub with mild soap.
Do not dry your dye sublimated fabric graphics to prevent shrinking. We recommend hang drying or attaching the damp graphic to its frame to dry. You could also consider dry cleaning, but only after all hardware attached to it is removed before cleaning.

Treating Stains:
If your dye sublimated fabric graphics gets stained, you can treat it with a fabric stain remover, only after you have tested it on a small area to check
how the solution will react to the fabric, if possible, try to treat the stain from the back side.

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