X-Rite 1 Eye One Basic

X-Rite 1 Eye One Basic

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It is an entry-level color management solution designed specifically for freelance designers, small creative firms and small print shops. It's the perfect easiest-to-use and affordable solution for those just starting out in color management, while still providing a flexible platform for growth. i1Design allows you to quickly and easily create accurate color profiles for all types of monitors, and easily builds profiles for your CMYK printers utilizing "small test chart" technology. With this technology, you can quickly and easily create a perceptual color profile by reading just a few rows of color swatches from a given output device.

I1Basic provides all the tools necessary to begin implementing a color managed workflow, and is fully upgradeable. It includes the industry defacto standard i1Pro device and award-winning i1Match software. And it's completely compatible with your favorite design programs.

X-Rite's i1 software walks you through the steps to calibrate and profile your color devices to create custom profiles, much like fingerprints of each device. When you apply them in your applications, drivers, and RIPs, they break down the color language barrier to ensure each color is communicated clearly, accurately and consistently, from device to device. And, since all of today's professional imaging and design tools support color management profiles, implementing them into your existing workflow is a snap!

The X-Rite i1 Series (aka Eye-One) is a range of colour measurement and profiling products for semi professional and professional users. Expandable and dependable, one of the key features of the I1 series is the powerful software and common interface for all the modules, making it straightforward to use and get the right results. If your reputation depends on getting the colour right, then you can place your trust in an i1 product to deliver results.

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