X-Rite 1 Eye One Basic UV

X-Rite 1 Eye One Basic UV

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An entry-level color management solution designed specifically for freelance designers, small creative firms and small print shops. It's the perfect easiest-to-use and affordable solution for those just starting out in color management, while still providing a flexible platform for growth. I1Design allows you to quickly and easily create accurate color profiles for all types of monitors, and easily builds profiles for your CMYK printers utilizing "small test chart" technology. With this technology, you can quickly and easily create a perceptual color profile by reading just a few rows of color swatches from a given output device.

The i1Basic UV differs from the standard i1Basic by incorporating a UV filter to prevent problems when measuring pigments that fluoresce under UV light or papers that incorporate artificial whiteners that do the same.

I1Basic provides all the tools necessary to begin implementing a color managed workflow, and is fully upgradeable. It includes the industry defacto standard i1Pro device and award-winning i1Match software. And it's completely compatible with your favorite design programs.

Designed for the unique needs of creative and prepress professionals, is ideal for all your basic color measurement needs. Simply add functionality as required. Including the industry standard i1Pro spectrophotometer and i1Match monitor profiling software, i1Basic is the one system comprehensive enough to ensure accurate color every time.

With i1Basic, you'll be able to scan spectral color, obtain accurate color on all your displays, utilize your device to linearize your printers, and easily add profiling functionality through upgrade modules.

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