I1 Publish Upgrade A

I1 Publish Upgrade A

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The i1Publish Software from X-Rite is a software suite that gives you the tools needed to get the most out of a compatible i1 color calibration hardware device. The suite includes the i1Profiler, PANTONE Color Manager, Color Checker Proof, and ColorChecker Passport software applications. It ships with a mini color target, and is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

To be eligible for this upgrade you must own one of the following:i1Photo Pro; i1Photo; i1Photo SG; i1Proof; i1XT; i1XTReme; ProfileMaker 5.X; MonacoPROFILER 4.x owners are also eligible for this upgrade, but need to submit their dongle serial number to X-Rite prior to ordering. Please contact a B&H phone sales representative for further assistance.

The X-Rite i1 EOPROF Publish Upgrade A is designed for photographers who demand accurate color management for the entire digital work process. This work process can include cameras, monitors, projectors, and printers. Upgrading to X-Rite i1 EOPROF Publish Upgrade A is simple. It assures accurate color displays, prints, and proofs, with good results every time. The I1Publish Professional Color Management includes PANTONE Color Manager that provides spot color matching.

The ColorChecker Proof allows you to check the image and color quality instantly.With this UPGA Publish Upgrade A, you can get true colors on all kinds of displays such as LCD, CRT, and laptop monitors. The I1Publish Professional Color Management comes with advanced controls for the purpose of black generation and separations.

Plenty Of Reasons To Upgrade:
• Improved color quality - new color engine creates highly accurate profiles for the truest color
• New user interface with basic and advanced modes provides the ultimate flexibility
• Improved color accuracy on RGB, CMYK/CMYK+ output, including desktop, wide format,digital presses and offset presses
• Improved color accuracy on monitors and projectors
• ColorChecker Camera Calibration software and target included
• PANTONE Color Manager included
• New Quality Assurance Tools
• Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion operating system

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