How to adopt Green Practices in Wide Format Printing

Posted by m1blogger on 10/18/2017 to Industry
Environmental sustainability is currently a hot topic of discussion and rightly so. It is important to adopt practices and solutions that are environmental friendly and it is equally important in every field of business/operation.
Wide format printing is no different, and being eco-friendly is essentially important in signage and graphic printing because so much of its output is difficult and/or expensive to recycle. 

Every small step that we take will contribute to the bigger pool of environmental sustainability. Even though it is the most discussed topic, the demand for eco-friendly solutions is frugal due to the high costs involved. 
But as the economy continues to rebound, this scene too will change, and more and more businesses will be willing to go the Green way.

Lets see how we can adopt Green practices in Wide Format Printing:
- Transition to Direct to Print technologies instead of paper transfer to avoid paper wastage
- Recycle/Reuse supplies where possible
- Priortize use of eco-friendly products or Green Media for in-house production
- Sign companies should offer cotton fabrics, recyclable meshes, and PVC Free materials when quoting jobs
- Reduce use of solvent inks and maximize use of UV, Aqueous and Latex inks

Besides these, one can always adopt generic eco-friendly practices in day-to-day operations like using renewable sources of energy (eg. Solar Energy) and use of energy efficient fluorescent bulbs to light facilities/buildings. 
We need to make ourselves and everyone around us responsible towards the environment. We need to focus on reusing, re-purposing & recycling whenever possible. After all, it is in our hands to carve a greener and better tomorrow for future generations.

It is imperative to make sure that your business is adopting Green strategies.
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