All products sold by MediaOne Digital Imaging Solutions are guaranteed to work to your satisfaction. We put a lot of pride in our effort to provide all our customers with quality products. We are also confident that you will be 100% delighted with our services.

However, sometimes, due to factors which are within or outside our control, there could be discrepancies and you may find that the product is not working as expected. In such cases, we encourage you to contact us immediately so that we can look into the issue and, accordingly, offer you the best possible solution. In some cases we may be able to solve your issue directly over the telephone. In other cases (at our discretion) we may find it necessary to send you a replacement product in return of the original product with proof of purchase and/or defect(s).

Whatever the reason for returning a product (we shipped you the wrong product, the product in question does not work properly, the product in question does not fit your machine, etc.) please contact our customer service center by phone 1-888-445-4099 or email us right away. DO NOT SHIP US THE PRODUCT BACK before contacting us.

All returned products must have a valid RMA# issued. If you return a product to us without an issued RMA# we will not credit you for the product.

To obtain an RMA# please contact our customer service center by phone 1-888-445-4099 or email us.

When you contact us, please let us know exactly what the problem is and why your product needs to be returned. We will assess your problem and, if the proper criteria is met, immediately issue you an RMA# along with a prepaid shipping label. When you receive the RMA# and pre-paid shipping label please follow the attached instructions.

All returns are subject to inspection and final approval by our returns department. You will be informed of the status of your return approximately 15 business days after the receipt of your return.

Credit for the returned product will be denied if the following is found to be true:

  1. The product in question was not returned to us with an issued RMA#.
  2. The product in question is not from Media One.
  3. The product in question is more than 50% used.
  4. The product in question is not the product for which the RMA# was issued.
  5. The product in question was not packaged correctly and was damaged in the return shipping process.
  6. The product in question is more than a year old from the date of purchase.
  7. The product in question is the incorrect product that the customer ordered but is more than 30 days past the date of purchase.
  8. The product in question is found to be defective due to the improper handling by the customer.
  9. In the event the product in question is to be returned because it is no longer needed by the customer, is unopened, is not more than one year old from the date of purchase a restocking fee not lower than 15% and up to 25% will be assessed on the product after a return has been authorized, has been returned and inspected.


If all guidelines are met, Media One will gladly issue you a replacement product. Under certain situations we will even ship the replacement product to our customer overnight delivery. We understand the compromise a defective product may put your business in. At Media One, we care about your needs and will always work hard to meet them.

Either way, we place a great deal of importance on your issue and will work to the best of our capacity to resolve it. We believe in top notch satisfation for our customers, if you place your trust in us, it is incumbent upon us to live upto your expectations. If you feel that we fail to maintain the same (through our products or services), we will to work with you to make sure that in the end, you, our esteemed customers, have a smile on your face.