Our Entry for Product of the Year at SGIA 2015: Matic Heleios Laser Cutter

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Due to substantial growth in the soft signage industry, laser cutters have come a long way. The meticulous benefits of laser or other tools have become even more significant now than ever before.
Matic Helios Laser Cutter is one such development which has been garnering a lot of attention in the industry.

Media One presents Matic Helios Laser Cutter, an exceptional solution to cut textiles using high precision laser. This tool has been exclusively devised to save time and reduce costs for sign companies that produce large and grand format print, curtains, blinds and soft signage. It has been tailored especially for the textile market. It facilitates optimum use of printed fabrics, including soft signage, flag, mesh, knitted textiles, satin and also eliminates problems of shrinkage and frayed textiles.
With its 11.5 x 26 feet cut bed, Helios provides the largest flat cutting area. You can even make the cut bed as long as 50 feet. It has a self-driven unwinding unit and a unique textile feeding device to prevent any stretch on the material when pulling it off the printed roll. This equipment is controlled by a powerful yet simple to use open interface which can work from multiple inputs.

Some features that make Matic Helios Laser Cutter unique are:
• The laser cuts and seals the edges of the textile perfectly to avoid fraying.
• Laser projection creates exact frames visible on your print.
• Remote control allows you to move the projection giving you full flexibility. All this and much more makes Helios, the best textile laser cutter equipment in the market. 
• Easy to operate and 100 percent accurate.
• Enables high quality cutting using laser marker to show cuts.
• Supreme quality laser with longest life.
• Its automatic edge guide device places the print perfectly parallel on the table and no movement of the fabric guarantees a 100% accurate cut.

And that is exactly why; the Matic Helios Laser Cutter is our entry for this year's SGIA Product of the Year Award.

Watch the video below to see the exception performance of one of our most popular offerings:

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