Event Update: Printing United 2019

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The Printing United Show, a new event owned and operated by SGIA, launched this year and was held in Dallas, Texas from October 23-25, 2019. With 724000 sq. feet packed with ink, equipment and experts, this event was a reinvented and reloaded version of SGIA.

Media One was a part of this magnificent event and we exhibited the following machines at the event:

Teleios Grande/H6: The Teleios Grande H6, prints more vivid colors because it uses a 6 color system. Widely used in the home textile market, its applications include bedding, curtain, blinds, sofa cover, etc. 

Durst Rhotex 325: The Rhotex 325 is a 3.2m printer with a dual purpose printing system that combines direct-to textile printing with dye sublimation transfer printing technology. Depending on the application and fabric, this printing system can alternate between paper transfer and direct printing on polyester-based materials in no time. This is possible, thanks to the new Durst WTS print head technology, which achieves an exceptionally high-quality print using water based dispersion inks for various printing materials, and reaches a printing speed of up to 390 sqm/hour. The robustly built Rhotex 325 is equipped with an integrated hot air dryer, automated nozzle cleaning system, and additional features for 24/7 production.

Cronos Ultimate : The highest quality and most flexible solution for sewing textiles in the digital market to produce flags, displays, banners, tents and curtains, the Cronos Ultimate is a big solution in a small package. This machine utilizes only 4 sqm (43 sq.ft.) of work space, yet is so fast and easy to use that it allows users to reduce production time and increase output.

In case you missed being at the Printing United show this year and would like more information about any of our products, please email us at [email protected]



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