Spectro LFP

Spectro LFP

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The most versatile transmission / reflection spectrophotometer ever. It is specially designed for automatic measurement of most different materials in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.
Spectro LFP, a spectrophotometer for color measurements in digital large format offers accurate measurements of transparent and reflective media, thick and heavy media. Other benefits include its big measuring aperture and fully automatic measurements. All these features combined with the large format application suite make it a unique solution.

Especially for new application fields such as printing on textile, but basically any application that uses course rastering, the larger aperture of 8mm is fundamental to gain the maximum measuring accuracy. Combined with the special measuring geometry and the fully automatic measurements it is the ideal device for this application. For high resolution prints the smaller apertures are preferred.

For easy mounting of most different thin, reflective media (including textiles and fabrics) a special electrostatic sample holder is available. Large format production companies can now benefit from the advantages of creating customer profiles such as more accurate and vibrant color and less ink consumption.

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