Spectro LFP qb - An Innovation in Color Management

Posted by m1blogger on 1/12/2018 to New Launches

Media One is thrilled to bring to you a path breaking product for color management in the field of  large-format digital printing, from the house of Barbieri. Barbieri invested a lot of time in the development of this product and the result was a sophisticated device with fully automatic measuring and a new method of illumination for reliable results and an absolutely consistent standard of quality - the Spectro LFP qb.
The new spectrophotometer from Barbieri combines incredible universality and precision with a gamut of new features and also supports the M1 measurement mode, which is an absolute must for numerous customers. It satisfies the most stringent customer requirements and is an investment that optimizes the workflow in the spirit of sustainability in the long term.

Important Features:

New measurement mode M1 Part 1 / Method A for reflection and transmission (pursuant to ISO 13655-  
Removable spectral unit or measuring head for measuring spot colors
A sensing unit which is camera-supported for instant automatic positioning
Switchable apertures (2, 6, 8 mm) for measuring different materials, surfaces, inks and resolutions
Measurement of fluorescent inks

Another big advantage of the new spectrophotometer is its user-friendly design. The process is completed with a single click, thanks to twice-the-speed measuring. There is no substitute to the Spectro LFP qb, not only for those who need to work in conformity with M1; but also for those who want to be efficient in the long term. 
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