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The Mimaki TS500-1800 prints with an unrivalled speed of 150 m2/h on sublimation paper like no other machines on the market. Targeted at the textile market, the machine is especially suitable for production of sportswear and soft signage, both of which are seeing growth in run lengths appropriate for digital printing. High level combination of speed and productivity, Mimaki implements its own high-end technologies on the “Tx500-1800DS”

The TX500-1800DS prints up to 150 square meters an hour. Features include a two-liter color bulk ink system; advanced AMF fabric handling system; Mimaki custom exclusive Ricoh Gen 5 stainless steel printhead design to handle many types of water-based inks; custom ink degassing system that reduces ink costs and offers sharper imaging; faster drying with post-imaging heaters; and mist absorption filter,with dye sublimation transfer paper option.

The “TX500-1800DS” is equipped with newly developed printheads (six printheads with three staggered) and achieves 150% faster print speed than our conventional models. Printed ink dries quicker and thus the occurrence of ink set-off is lessened.

The new sublimation ink “Sb300” offers a more affordable price than conventional ink. Furthermore, this ink produces brilliant color and dries fast. Two ink configurations are provided, one is 6-color (Bl,M,Y,Bk,LBl,LM) mode that produces smooth gradation and better pale colors, another one is 4-color (Bl,M,Y,Bk) mode that enhances productivity. Users can choose one of these color modes in accordance with their preference at the time of printer installation.

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