Teleios GT with Telios GT, HeatMAN GT, and TU-400

Teleios GT with Telios GT, HeatMAN GT, and TU-400

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High Quality Printing, Environment Friendly, Great Tact in Printing Fabrics
Dgen Teleios GT is the best textile printer for soft-signage. Teleios prints directly on coated and uncoated polyester fabrics and sublimates the image in-line. Maximum production rate of 100m2 per hour for 24 hours for 1 year, 365 days with no breakdowns. This reliability allows the fastest and cheapest production of materials with overall best quality compared to the competition.

Is known as the most widely used digital textile printer in the Soft-signage field. No paper or a drop of water needed for printing on textile. No phenol and/or solvents. Eco-friendly D·gen inks fully fulfill the REACH Regulation in EU. An advanced Ink penetration power allows for vibrant and lifelike colors, being suitable for flags and banners, as the ink reproduces the same level of color in either sides of them, even having superior protection against lighting and water decay.

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