Factors To Consider When Purchasing Tent Fabric Material

Posted by m1blogger on 9/11/2019 to Printing Knowledge

Purchasing tent fabric for your business is about choosing a fabric that not only fits your needs but also offers the best ROI. While one can be easily lured into buying cheaper alternatives, one has to understand that if the fabric doesn't stand the test of the time, one may not only lose a customer but their goodwill as well. Hence, always choose a supplier who is known for offering what he promises and has reasonable goodwill in the market. Let's examine the factors that one needs to consider when purchasing tent fabric material.

Longevity: One of the main factors to consider while buying a tent fabric is longevity. The more life you get out of a tent fabric, more will be the overall return on investment. The fabric lasts longer if higher quality raw materials are used with superior manufacturing techniques. 

Strength and Size: For the purpose of large size tents, the strength of the tent fabric is of utmost importance, as it maintains the structural integrity and good appearance of the tents. Hence, the tent material needs to be strong and heavy duty with good tensile strength.

Aesthetics: While fabric quality and strength are of utmost importance, from the point of view of the end customer, it is the aesthetics that matter the most. Tent fabrics apart from being air tight and water proof, also need to be crease resistant and should not fray which will ensure a neat appearance and good aesthetics.

Media One offers an amazing product from the house of Berger, the EZ Tent.
The EZ Tent is made from 100% Polyester. It is air tight, water tight, crease resistant and doesn't fray. It is a very strong tent media and is backed by Berger's superior quality promise and performance. It is best used for personalized tents, roofs or parasols apart from hammocks, bean bags, banners, deck chairs, etc.
For more information about this product, send us an email at [email protected] and request for a free sample roll.

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