X-Rite 508 Reflection Spectrodensitometer Standard

X-Rite 508 Reflection Spectrodensitometer Standard

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X-Rite 508 Portable Reflection Spectrodensitometer is great for prepress and the press room - it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.

The X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer brings the newest color control technology to a device designed specifically for basic 4-color reproduction. X-Rite includes specialized 4-color newsprint functions within the X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer to ensure color accuracy and consistency across press runs and over time.

These include newsprint-specific density functions and gray balance.Spectral technology gives the X-Rite 508 unmatched performance in monitoring basic quality control for process color print jobs. The unit goes anywhere to quickly measure common density and dot functions.

Ideal for:
* basic commercial applications
* publication packaging
* newspaper printing
* basic prepress applications

It measures GATF proofing bars, QuarkXPress® color bars, Ugra/Fogra color control elements and other quality control targets used during the prepress process.

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