X-Rite 518 Color Reflection Spectrodensitometer

X-Rite 518 Color Reflection Spectrodensitometer

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Id:XRI518 XRI 518
X-Rite 518 Color Reflection Densitometer - An advanced solution for Process Color Printing Combines everything you need for exceptional 4-color proofing and pressroom quality control: spectral accuracy, a full range of functions, efficient operation and hand-held convenience.

Meets the Needs of any 4-Color Pressroom
The X-Rite 518 excels at quality control for all 4-color printing operations, including sheet-fed, web press, publication printing, and newsprint. At the touch of a button, you get density, dot, trap, print contrast, hue error, or grayness information, all of it calculated with spectral accuracy. The hand-held, portable design goes anywhere to quickly take measurements and deliver the data you need to keep your presses on target.

Special Electronic Function Selection™ Feature

With each reading along the color bar, the X-Rite 518’s Electronic Function Selection feature automatically identifies whether it is a solid, tint, or overprint. It automatically displays the correct reading and color being measured. EFS allows an operator to read an entire color bar in seconds. It also reduces guesswork and helps you finish your print jobs more efficiently.

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