X-Rite 528 Portable Color Reflection Spectrometer

X-Rite 528 Portable Color Reflection Spectrometer

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A high performance spectral engine gives X-Rite’s 528 Spectrodensitometer the ability to measure both density and colorimetry functions. Since spectrophotometry is the newest and most precise color control technology available today, the result is an accurate, versatile, efficient instrument capable of keeping both process and special colors on target.
Advanced Color Control in the Pressroom
Why juggle several instruments when just one fulfills all your pressroom proofing and color quality control needs? The X-Rite 528 combines the capabilities of a high-end densitometer and a high-end colorimeter into a single color reflection densitometer. You can use the same instrument anywhere in your production process.
On 4-color jobs, the X-Rite 528 delivers familiar functions like density, dot gain, trap, print contrast, gray balance, hue error, and more. Switch on-the-fly to colorimetry functions like L*a*b*, Yxy, and L*C*h° and more when you need quality control for pastels, Hi-Fi, PANTONE® and other special colors.
Special Color Compare and Match Functions
The X-Rite 528 has color compare and match functions unique to X-Rite instruments. Measure up to 24 references and select the type of comparison for each. The 528 automatically compares a sample reading to the closest reference and displays the results.
With the Match function, you can make a measurement and find the closest color match in your own reference library or one purchased from X-Rite. In addition to a color name or color value, a formula for the color may also be displayed.
Now comes pre-loaded with G7/ISO 12647-2 data sets and the digital PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE, coated.

Evaluate whether your special colors, densities, dot gains and other critical measures meet pre-established targets.

Establish or verify color management profiles using the color features; supported by many CMS packages.

Upgrade to add spectral data by using a simple keycode - no need to send the instrument in, saves time and ship costs.

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