X-Rite 939 Portable Color Reflection Spectrometer

X-Rite 939 Portable Color Reflection Spectrometer

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X-Rite 939 Portable Reflection Spectrodensitometer

Unparalleled Agreement

939's unique capability to excel in multi-site or multi-party agreement gives users the ultimate assurance of matches, resulting in color consistency and confidence in product or brand color integrity. Rely on 939 to effectively communicate color between print buyer, graphic designer, pre-press and pressroom, or to exchange crucial color information with ink and paper suppliers.

Portable Versatility

Not only does the 939 boast unrivaled inter-instrument agreement, it adds the versatility of remote measurements and changeable aperture sizes. Only 939 can quickly switch between 4mm, 8mm and 16mm apertures in the field. And with on-board storage for thousands of color standards, tolerances, and samples, you can make pass/fail decisions press-side or in the field with no need for an attached computer. Of course, all data is time stamped and saved in memory so, ISO or reporting is a simple as connecting to an X-Rite software solution and transferring your supporting data.

Boundless Features

939 can be used for quick evaluation of the L*a*b* of an ink, a substrate, of density, or of dot area measurements of a proof, and for full ink formulation.

939 also provides unique spectral density and dot area function for use with special colors or HiFi printing. On board averaging gives summary information at-a-glance, and the graphing display can present density or spectral data graphically. Use these unique, multipurpose capabilities to minimize color mismatches and avoid costly errors by making clear decisions based on the right data, at any location in the prepress or printing process.

Well Connected

X-Rite can help turn your color measurement data into summarized information for use in quality reporting for ISO or other quality efforts, customer relations, documentation or job tracking. Our X-Rite software solutions give you a complete picture of the measurements you make. You'll find information presented as colorful, easy-to-read charts, graphs and tabular data. In seconds, you'll see how samples are measuring up to your color specifications or customer standards.

939 calculates dozens of color expressions including L*a*b*, density, opacity, color strength and dozens of other useful metrics. Each one is presented using the large graphical display and intuitive keypad.

X-Rite's 939 Spectrodensitometer is perhaps the most precise, intelligent QC tool for measuring and controlling color in your printing, packaging, converting, ink formulation or digital imaging operations.

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