Salsa Dyelux - The Right Choice for Outdoor Advertising

Posted by m1 blogger on 12/9/2016 to New Launches
The dynamics of outdoor advertising have changed a lot over the years. Even though this age old method of advertising is still popular, its requirements, presentation and algebra have gone through metamorphosis. Brands today are keener on the presentation and pay special attention to the fabric used, the vivacity of colors on the printed banners, its durability and its price.
Considering all this and much more Media One has introduced Salsa Dyelux, a product of a.berger.
So what is it about Salsa Dyelux, that makes it makes it a popular choice when it comes to applications like lightboxes, banners and display frame systems?
Let's examine.
The Salsa Dyelux is a 100% polyester woven fabric which is fire resistant. It can be cold cut and printed on latex.
It is very soft and has a flat surface, which makes it easy to print on.
It has just enough stretch to pop conveniently and neatly into frames.
It is crease resistant, so it does not have any wrinkle issues and in spite of being soft, this fabric has a tight weave.
Also, it comes with a special coating for light diffusion in light boxes.
Despite all these features, the price tag is affordable to even small and medium scale businesses.
If you are still not convinced about this product, drop us an email at [email protected] for a free sample roll and an appointment with one of our expert sales representatives.

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