Wide Format Printer Buying Tips

Posted by Administrator on 6/23/2014 to Printing Knowledge
Wide format printers are utilized to print posters, flags, billboards, banners, graphics, and general signage and in a few cases may be more economical than short-run methods such as screen printing. Wide format printers usually employ a roll of print material rather than individual sheets and may integrate hot-air dryers to avert prints from sticking to themselves as they are formed. If you are looking out for a wide format printer, it would be an easy process if you know exactly...

Why do you need a Spectrophotometer?

Posted by m1 blogger on 6/3/2014 to Printing Knowledge
Spectrophotometer is most popular and useful color measurement tool required in color management process to measure high level of color accuracy and uniformity. Spectrophotometers gauge wavelengths of light across the gamut. It aids in improving the quality of printed images. A spectrophotometer uses a preset light source and sensor to measure the amount of light that is reflected by the inks and media surface.
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