Dimensor S - The 3D Digital Wide Format Printer

Posted by m1blogger on 7/25/2021 to New Launches

Media One is proud to partner with Veika to bring to the market, an innovation that is going to revolutionize Digital Printing - DIMENSE(TM) technology. This breakthrough technology does exactly what its name implies – it “dimenses“ digital printing. It removes the limitations of digital printing and significantly increases variety of effects. This pioneering technology makes it possible to print unique embossing at the same time as the item is digitally printed at virtually any size and without repeating the embossing pattern. So structure and motif can be perfectly matched to each other, or the structure may be completely different than the picture itself – it all depends on the designer’s creativity. Now, you can enrich your creations by adding unique 3D structure to them, making your prints unique, multi faced and one of a kind.

The Dimensor-S is an easy to operate wide format roll to roll inkjet printer. It prints with water based inks, allowing you to operate a wide color gamut while a specially developed structural ink allows to create unique structure and 3D effect on a variety of media with different finishes. Dimensor-S allows simultaneous printing with embossing in a continuous way. It is made of two major components – inkjet printer and calender. For printing digitally embossed images, special preparation of files as well as Dimense media and water based latex and structural inks are required. The Dimensor-S prints at a speed of 323 sqft/hr and about 63 inches wide. It is eco friendly, uses PVC free media and water based latex inks.

The different finishes that can be achieved with a Dimensor-S are:
- Matte
- Gold
- Silver
- Pearlescent
- Media Plus
- Chameleon

Dimensor-S can take your application potential to the next level. The variety of applications that the Dimensor-S can cater to include wallpapers, roll-ups, exhibition booth decoration, calendars, digital concrete, canvases, point-of-sale materials, packaging, etc.
For more information about this path breaking printer and technology, please email at [email protected]

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