Floor Graphics - An Effective Way to Promote Your Brand

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Graphic floors are gaining momentum and slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of advertising, PR and brand building as they are not only cost effective but also flexible. With the advent of technology and thorough research in the field, floor graphics are now available in many different textures, colors and materials that not only  grab attention but also meet safety requirements.
Floor graphics can be used in movie theaters, concerts or sporting events to direct the flow of traffic in the right direction. They can even be used in hospitals, trade show events or restrooms.
Events can be made more colorful and informative with the help of floor graphics and hence can be used to make parties, wedding receptions, company gatherings, and other events more interesting and fun. The variety of ways, floor graphics can be used and its applications are unlimited.
Media One, being one of the pioneers in the print industry, has a wide range of media for floor graphics to choose from.
We have the Print Floor from the house of Endutex which is a 1000g/sqm PVC coated polyester woven fabric, suitable for customized floor graphics and advertisements. It is compatible with Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and Latex Inks and is slip resistant, fire retardant and has good flatness.

We also have a full range of Bild Floor Graphic products. Some of the most popular ones are:
a. M1CC75M is a 100% solid polyvinyl clear ceramic flooring solution that is 75 mil thick.
b. M1MGC75M is a 100% solid polyvinyl clear wood-grain flooring solution with a thickness of 75mil.
Both these products are completely recyclable besides being cost effective, durable and lightweight.
c. M1SSAW85M is an 85 mil thick, 100% polyvinyl print media with super smooth texture. It is a one-of-a-kind product, designed as a grand-format print media, suitable for a wide range of free floating and permanent applications.
d. G-Floor, manufactured in the USA, is the Gold Standard of polyvinyl flooring. It is a thick, 100% polyvinyl solid flooring that offers superior performance and durability.

For more information about our print media or to fix a call with one of our in-house print experts, please email us at [email protected] with your requirements.

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