Take your Application Range to the Next Level with the HP Stitch 1000!

Posted by m1blogger on 8/25/2021 to New Launches

Media One prides itself in introducing its customers to the latest and the best in the print industry. And this time we bring to you the HP Stitch 1000.
The HP Stitch 1000 is a 126-inch (3.2-m) dyesub production printer and prints unattended at production speeds up to 220 m2/hour (2370 ft2/hour). It has native 1200 dpi print head resolution on both transfer paper and direct to fabric. It holds 10 liter cartridges and helps you save up to 40% time with simplified operation. Apart from these, the HP Stitch 1000, has user-replaceable print heads, aerosol and vapor extraction system, media loading table, fully automated print head maintenance, built in spectro-photometer and HP configuration center. The HP Stitch 1000 will enhance your backlit saturation performance on direct-to-fabric thanks to the contact heater and give you deep blacks, vivid colors and high-resolution with 1200 native dpi print heads and the Drop & Dry system. Its Smart Nozzle Compensation system and Optical Media Advance Sensor Plus will give you reliable image quality at speed.
All these features and functions expand your dye sub print potential and increase your versatility.
The HP Stitch 1000 takes your application range to the next level. Applications you can ace with the HP Stitch 1000 include:
• Banners
• Billboards
• Displays
• Exhibition and event graphics
• Exterior signage
• Interior decoration
• Textile

If you are still not convinced why you need the HP Stitch 1000 in your life, give us a call and let us book a demo for you. We will take care of the rest. Email us at [email protected].

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