How to Increase the Durability of Banners

Posted by m1blogger on 4/14/2020 to Printing Knowledge

Experts say that there is no such thing as a permanent banner.
But a quality banner that is installed correctly and is weather proofed will definitely last longer.
Let's see what factors affect the longevity of banners. 
If you want to get more life out of your banners, choosing the right material is crucial. Long term banners require heavy duty material. But at the same time, heavy duty materials are costlier, so one should do a proper cost/benefit analysis while choosing a banner material.
Banner Size, Weight & Placement:
Depending on where you are planning to install your banner, the weight and size of the banner plays an important role. If you are going to install your banner outside, wind, sun and rain will have deteriorative effects on the banner. Even pollution will affect the appearance of your banner. If you are installing a banner in a windy area, it is important that you use correct type of fasteners, cut wind pockets and use bungee cables to hold it securely in place. You can also try to install banners in an area that does not consistently receive sun to avoid the negative effects of UV rays.
UV Inhibition:
If you are unable to avoid sunlight hitting your banner directly, you will need to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays affect the material and inks causing the print to fade out over time. Therefore, you should consider UV coating your banner, which not only provides a thick layer that keeps your advertising material more resilient to the harmful effects of UV rays, but it also provides a glossy sheen thereby improving the visual appeal of your banner.
Printing and Inks:
What matters the most to make your banners more durable are the inks you use. Better quality inks such as fade resistant eco-solvent or UV curable inks will extend the life of your banners. And as far as equipment is concerned, wide format printers are definitely the go-to choice as they render high quality prints with better color matching.
In summary, if you want your banner to be resilient to wear and tear, choose the right material, ink, UV coating and ensure correct installation procedures are followed. Then take care of your investment with regular cleaning and proper placement.
Media One has a wide range of banner materials to suit your requirements.
Bannertex, Samba, Sunset and Newport are some of our most popular offerings.
We have been distributors of wide format printers, inks and supplies for more than 3 decades.
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