Introducing Matic Ares Plus - Fully Automatic Welding Machine

Posted by Administrator on 6/8/2015 to New Launches

With pioneering "Seamless" technology patented by Matic, the Ares Plus is the only product in the market that can automatically and effortlessly create invisible hem pockets, reinforced welds, zipper welds, overlaps. Fabric finishing has never been so convenient and simple!
Matic Ares Plus is an ideal solution for creating awnings, large format prints, cinema screens, display systems, roller blinds, PVC or textile banners and other fabrics. ARES Plus employs electric impulse welding technology. The resources and expertise utilized to create ARES Plus, makes it an ideal combination of excellence, sturdiness, precision and design. 

 The features that make Matic ARES Plus unique from its contemporaries are: 
• It offers mechanized guides to position precisely which helps to save time and eliminates chances of error compared to the usual manual guide. 

• It presents variable pocket sizes from 20-145mm (3/4” to 5 7/8”). 

• The welding capacity is up to 6m (236”) in a single pass. 

• The open end design lets easy movement of huge materials through the machine for multiple welds. 

• Automatic or manual working modes with the ability to easily switch between the two, even in the middle of a welding process. 

• It is multi-functional welding machine and easy to operate.

• It decreases the welding time and saves energy. 

• It requires minimum maintenance. 

All this and much more makes Matic ARES Plus the best welding machine in the world of textile finishing. So, what are you waiting for?  Send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 845-FOR-HELP (845-367-4357) to inquire about prices and further details.

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