Different Types of Large Format Printers

Posted by Administrator on 7/10/2014 to Printing Knowledge

The world of large-format printing continues to progress and change as new technologies come in the market along with an increase in demand of these products. It takes time to understand this large-format market, and so we have carved up little information on different types of large format printers:
  • Aqueous printers: At present aqueous ink-jet printers preponderate in the large-format market. These printers use water based inks. Aqueous printers are easy to set up in office environments as they do not contain harmful fumes hence do not require ventilation. The main advantage of these printers is that they are inexpensive to purchase. Aqueous inks require a unique coating on the media for ink to remain properly for the application of graphics. 
  • Solvent Printers: The product created by solvent printers is scratch resistant and robust. Solvent printers are basically used for outdoor applications such as banners, billboards, vehicle graphics etc. They are ideal for printing on flexible, uncoated vinyl substrates. If you are installing a solvent printer it is compulsory to have a good ventilation system to remove the VOC’s solvents. Prints are water resistant and more durable to abrasion.
  • Dye Sublimation Printers: Dye sublimation printer uses a printing process that employs heat to transfer dye into materials such as cards, plastic, fabrics and paper. The prints dry as soon as they exit the printer.
  • UV Cured Printers: UV-cured ink-jet printers are intended to create even more durable prints using a polymer as an ink. UV printers can print on almost any surface and provide a very durable image. UV printing does not require coated media which reduces the cost. UV printers use ink where carrier is not dissolved, it is instead cured using an ultraviolet light.
  • Latex printers: Latex printers create durable printing for indoor and outdoor applications. These printers employ latex inks and resin based inks which are latest advancements in the inkjet field. The water-based formulations of latex inks decrease the impact of printing on the environment. As the inks are water based extra ventilation is not required.
Before selecting the printer take a look at the print quality, durability and production capability necessary for your applications. With vigilant research you will find the appropriate large-format printer to suit your requirements.
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