Media One Open House 2015

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Media One hosted an Open House on the 7th and 8th of October 2015 and what a success it was! Our customers got an opportunity to check out our in-house multi dimensional demo room and our textile finishing lab that house some of the best printers and finishing systems in the industry. Attendees enjoyed live demos of the equipment in operation on our exclusive range of digital fabrics.

Key highlights from the event:
Printers: Dgen Teleios GT, G5, Black, Papyrus / Epson F6200 / Mimaki JV 300 / Media One Bullet. All of these machines were in action in our demo room so that our  customers could make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Heat Presses: The heat presses by Klieverik are acclaimed worldwide, which is why we collaborated with Klieverik to bring the best for our customers. The GTC and GFC prove the kind of powerhouses they are.

Textile Finishing: Textile finishing has never been what it used to be with Matic revolutionizing the industry. Matic's Cronos Ultimate gives your textiles the precision finishing and gives you the automation that will let you run many hours of fast production. The finishing lab had our experts showing the Ultimate in operation to an impressed audience.

Fabrics: a.Berger fabrics have already taken the American print industry by storm. Endutex caters to the exclusive green market with its unique range of green products. Media One is the official distributor for Berger and Endutex in America and provides the latest high quality products from their range of offerings. Our fabrics were a part of every operation during the event.

But the Open House was much more than just business!
It was an opportunity to host our customers in a relaxed environment with good food and good company.
The Cut and Dogzilla catered to the event.
All in all it was a fun event, and we cannot thank you enough for the wonderful response.

More pictures on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus page.
Look out for the winners of our raffle! We will be announcing them very soon.



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