Why do you need a Spectrophotometer?

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Spectrophotometer is one of the most popular and useful color measurement tool required in color management process to measure high level of color accuracy and uniformity. Spectrophotometers gauge wavelengths of light across the gamut. It aids in improving the quality of printed images. A spectrophotometer uses a preset light source and sensor to measure the amount of light that is reflected by the inks and media surface.

Spectrophotometer is devised to appraise colors alike human eye. However, unlike subjective human acuity, spectrophotometer quantifies colors by their spectral values which stay invariable despite of the lighting condition. Spectrophotometers compute color reflectance quantitatively within the noticeable spectrum (wavelengths of approximately 360-750 nanometers) and capture the complete range of spectral on a printed reference chart. This ability makes it an idyllic instrument for gathering the data required in color-critical environments where objective color accuracy is a requisite. The device can also provide readings that forecast how the color sample would emerge under different light sources, such as tungsten-filament bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or daylight.

“You have a better chance of controlling on the things that you can assess” and use of Spectrophotometer allows an upper hand in color process control. Spectrophotometer can direct to benefits all through the printing operation.

You can experience sporadic variances in pigments that can change mixing results and lead to unpredicted final colors with the application of color matching ink method. But spectrophotometers in the ink room allow you to identify these discrepancies. Using a spectrophotometer guarantees that you meet customers color specifications even when substrates of ink modifies. Spectrophotometers help to ensure constant print-to-print color precision throughout the course thus improving overall color quality control.

Spectrophotometers are more worthy when employed as an element of an advanced color management solution. Color management software uses spectrophotometer data for calibrating printers and generating media profiles. When used with modern color-management software, spectrophotometers allow you to store and recall color information on a computer, permitting you to deliver precise colors over and over again.

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