Media One’s Starting Seven for Your Textile Printers!

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Running a large format printing business can be a daunting task. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to stay updated with the latest technology, provide top quality service apart from paying attention to your client's minute requirements. In order to make things easier and to help you get the best ROI, we at Media One have launched the "Starting Seven" for Your Textile Printers.

What is the "Starting Seven"?
"Starting Seven" is an assortment of our 7 high quality and best selling fabrics that can accommodate all of your large format printing needs.
Whether you want to print banners, SEG, Blockout, Flags, Display Frames or Table Cloths; we have it all covered.
Let’s find out what these Starting Seven products are:

#1. Soft Knit: Laguna Part# TXSK
Features: 100% Polyester, Warp Knit, Latex, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct
Applications: Tradeshow, SEG, Pop-ups, Banners 

#2 Heavy Knit: Palisades Part# TXPFSEG
Features: 100% Polyester, Warp knit, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct
Applications: Backdrops, SEG, Pop-ups, Display 

#3 Backlit: Moonlight Part# iTEX
Features: 100% Polyester, Matte Surface, Good Opacity, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct, UV
Applications: Backlit/SEG
#4 Blockout: Sunset Part# TXJBB
Features: Black Back, White Surface, Resin Backed Coated, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct UV, Latex
Applications: Indoor Displays, Booth System, Blockout

#5 Flag: Imperial Part# TXFM
Features: 100% Polyester, Warp Knit, 3 Bar Weave, Latex, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct, UV, Latex
Applications: Flags, Light Weight Banners 

#6 UV Backlit: be.Tex Samba Part# 4384-6266
Features: Air Tight, Crease Free, No Fraying, Lotus Effect and Good Flatness
Applications: Backlit/SEG Backlit  

#7 Stretch: be.Tex Expandable Part# 4468-26be
Features: 100% Polyester, knitted,3-10% Stretch, Dye Sub and Dye Sub transfer
Applications: Stretch, Display Frames, Pop Up and Table Cloths 

For more information about any of these products or for sample rolls, please contact us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you.



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