DGen Teleios G5

The World's Most Advanced Direct to Textile Grand Format Printer.

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It's A Game Changer


Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

Delivering exceptional prints at 2000 sqft/hr at 2-pass, the G5 with its 8 printheads (4 colors*2) with 1280 nozzles/head gives unbelievable prints that will make your applications class apart than the rest. Get excellent color setting, water resistance and fully automated prints everytime.

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Grand Format Printer

Suitable for textile widths upto 3.3 meters, the Teleios G5 is the ultimate textile printer in the world today. The inline heat fixation unit, patented textile feeding system and continuous, open ink feeding system allow 24/7 operation thereby ensuring multifold increase in your production capacities.

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Printing Applications

The G5 provides great prints for major applications in the textile industry. Flags, Banners, Soft-signage, curtains, bed cloths, car seats, etc. can be efficiently printed on the G5 with unmatched quality. Plus the G5 is eco-friendly, no need of paper for transfer or wastage of water for color activation.

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The moment we started production on the G5, we realized that this was something special.

Rick Terry, 24/7 Prints

Investing in a G5 is one of the best decisions we have made.

Roger Evans, Sky Designs

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