Vertex - The Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender by Klieverik

Posted by m1blogger on 11/29/2020 to New Launches

Vertex is a hybrid transfer printing calender by Klieverik.
It is equipped with all the typical Klieverik features like robust build, compact design, oil based drum and ease of operation. But it also has various new features like a new shaft bearing construction and a fully functional compact operating touch screen, which displays maintenance instructions when due.

Even though Vertex was designed as an affordable, entry level machine for efficient single piece transfer printing, it is also capable of roll-to-roll printing and is suitable for all kind of PES textiles.
Brilliant colors, high print definition and affordability are its highlights.

The Vertex calenders are equipped with:
•  Textile tensioning device
•  High quality Nomex belt
•  Pneumatic brakes
•  Touchscreen

The Vertex calender is ideal for multi-purpose print shop aiming at high quality. Its applications include:
•  Advertising
•  Exhibition displays
•  Banners and flags
•  Towels
•  Bedding products
•  Sportswear

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